Create civic engagement and Empowerment of Marginalised traditional group into Constitutional and electoral processes two days training/meeting

EISA/MCAN conducted two days training/meeting to create civic engagement and empowerment for Marginalized traditional groups into constitutional and electoral processs. during the two days dailgogue the traditional leaders and other civil society members from Marginalized groups were discussed, current political changes in the country, how to lobby advocates inclusion of women leaders in the coming indirect election. perioritizing youth and women in leadership presentation in the institution of political format in the country.

The training meeting was held in Sayid Hotel Mogadishu on 22nd-23rd March 2021. the elders recommendation continuation of such opportunity as they requested EISA and MCAN to give periority of building Marginalized and Minority groups who also left behind when its comes to knowledge share processes.

Key matter of Push and Pul factors was part for sessions provided.

Before all session MCAN facilitor was breaking the ice on measure to contral the pandemic covid-19 has given an opportunity for elders to convey awareness messgages to their communities.

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