EISA/MCAN conducted one day workshop to strengthen inclusive political for Marginalized groups and enhance % women quanta in ongoing election of 2020/2021.

impact and in puts of participants

  • The highlight election security is among the followings
  • Lack of representation in security agent involve with elections.
  • Risk to miss their rights in election posts.

Participants suggestion on how to mitigate election security.

  • Engage women and marginalized groups in election security
  • Enhance inclusive for all election related matters.
  • Establish advocacy committees to ensure role of excluded groups for better inclusion.
  • Promote women marginalized role in electoral participation.
  • Create inclusive policy that promote women role and marginalized groups participation in electoral role.

Participants recommended.

  • Ensure that all elder taking parts the process of election should respect the participation of women in each seat.
  • Promote role of women in public and decision-making processes
  • Provide campaign expenses for women and excluded groups
  • Provide training or workshop based on how to advocacy and close women and marginalized group’s role in political participation.
  • the federal government and federal members states should hold peace building efforts including strengthening, federalism, conflict prevention and management and peace consolidation.
  • Somali government must work out of mutually acceptable arrangement security responsibility, must be carry fully responsible security vacuum.
  • The efforts of Somalis political leaders will need to be redoubled to bring the election for the federal parliament to a successful conclusion.

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