Marginalized Communities Advocates Network (MCAN), Humanity & Inclusion for Sustainable Advocacy (HISA) and Minority Rights Group International (MRG)

This was a two (2) day introductory and induction meeting with Baidoa office stakeholders aimed at introducing the project goals, objectives and implementation plans. This was held between the 1st – 2nd November, 2021in Baidoa office.

The participants were introduced to the project goal, objectives and implementation plans. They were informed of what is expected of them and how their effective participation at all stages of the implementation will contribute to the success of the program. A total of thirty three (33) participants comprising of both gender participated in the two day event.

During the second day, the meeting involved host community members, members of parliament (MPs), and other key social leaders in Baidoa. A total of 17 participants participated. They comprised of five (5) MPs, Local authority leaders, and other social key stakeholders in Baidoa.

the leaders, attended our induction meeting the continues of the project as they appreciated the initiative of the project. and recommended continuation and increase the number of fellows as well. finally the induction meeting ended with understanding while Mr Ibrahim Executive Director of MCAN was leading the process.

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