MCAN/SWCC with technical support of UNSOM/HRPG Conducted one day event to commemorate the international day for the declaration of HR- and end campaign for 16 days of activism to end gender against violence’s.

The international Human Rights and end the campaign for gender based violence’s event was conducted in Mogadishu Somalia the event was a form of panel discussion that was invited MP- Mohamed Omar Dalha, Avv- Abdulkadir Sheikh Abduwahab and Civil society women network chair Madam Anisa Abdicasis Hussein- the aim of the event was to fully celebrate and commemorate the 1948 anniversary declaration of human rights where the nations gathered and agreed to sign document call 30 articles to promote of Human rights that Somalia is part. Prof Dalhi explained deeply the understanding of human rights in Somali context and he mentioned during penal participation that it’s always important to respect as human being and all individuals should take and example how they would wanted to to treat them to apply the to their brothers and sisters. the event was invited 10 participants and three 3 panels, the participants were representing the human rights cluster members, humanitarian, Marginalized cluster, women and child, youth, Journalism and PWD, and other stakeholders in the communities. finally the mood of the activity was colour full and ended with love and joy to both participants and panel team.

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